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That Takes the Biscuit

bee's bakery embossed biscuits and cakes!

Move over, Mr. Kipling. We have a new hero.

Making her mark on the world one biscuit at a time: Bee Berrie. The medical microbiologist (she’s on sabbatical) uses her keen eye for detail and love of words to create delicious sugary treats embossed with Rob Ryan-inspired lettering.

The self-taught baker updates vintage recipes, giving classic Scottish shortbread a modern twist with lavender or Iranian rose essence, and her homemade jammie dodgers — filled with whipped buttercream and raspberry jam — are larger and richer than the ones you loved as a kid. All her flavors, including ginger (spicy gingerbread with chocolate ganache) and choccie (dark or white), can be personalised with up to four letters.

And don’t miss the delicate milk chocolate cake with scalloped edges and letters cut out of the top layer of fondant.

Exceedingly good? No doubt.

Available by e-mail order (bee@beesbakery.co.uk). To see selection, go to beesbakery.wordpress.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Bee’s Bakery