Ready, Set, Go Task Board Launches

A Morning Routine to Get Your Child Up and At 'Em

ready, set, go task board!

You quickly learned that the promise of fresh undies and a bowl of Cheerios isn’t enough to roust your sleepyhead from bed.

But a Ready, Set, Go task board might be. The framed panel lets kids tackle their morning routines (ugh) in a fun way. Simply place magnets (included) next to eight pictures that represent things to do before school and slide them over as each one is completed.

The first task (rolling out of bed) is followed by getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, combing hair, packing books, tying shoes, and, finally, strapping on the backpack and charging out the door.

Because the board measures a compact ten by twelve inches, your child can carry it around as he plugs through his duties. With that kind of motivation in hand, he’ll not only rise, but shine.

Available online at tellychicago.com, $38.

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Photos: Courtesy of Telly Chicago; Courtesy of Cupcakes & Pastries