Pillow Talk

purusa pillow spray!

Your bodice-ripper dreamscapes involving an able-bodied James Franco have been replaced by end-of-year anxiety-filled nights.

Sounds like you need Inception in a bottle. Or, as they say in Sanskrit, purusa. Meaning “the soul within,” the new bedtime line (created by veteran perfumer Sherri Sebastian) debuts with Dream Extract, a spray meant to bring inner clarity and sleep-inducing calm.

You’ll find Australian sandalwood (from sustainable supplier Mount Romance), a few secret proprietary blends, as well as citrusy bergamot, amber, sheer wood, and organic clary sage from France.

The combination has been known to incite — shall we say — vivid dreams.

Available online at sebastiansigns.com, $26.

Photos: lrargerich / Flickr; Courtesy of Purusa