The Family That Sleds Together

walrooz sled!

We don’t want to make a mountain out of a snow hill, but that sorry excuse of a sled your kid’s riding could use an update.

Hop on the Walrooz train, the downhill wonder that takes the classic saucer design and bedazzles it with modern features. Each sled has curved handles with notches at the top and bottom, so kiddos can create a toboggan effect by linking their discs. The more Walrooz there are, the faster they ride.

The sleds come in primary brights (red, orange, green, blue), so they’re easy to spot in a white-washed wipeout. There are even adult-size Walrooz with extra tush and leg room for mom and dad sledders.

And to that we say: Ride on.

Available online at giggle.com, $8-$12.

Photo: Courtesy of BenBat