A New Parlor Game for Your Holiday Party

Game On!

holiday telephone/pictionary mash-up!

Between Grandpa, Great-Aunt Rose, and that exchange student from Bratislava, dinner conversation is likely to play out like a game of Telephone (especially after you generously sample Dad’s Scotch collection).

Which should add a whole element of joyful insanity to the festive activity we’re introducing today.

We asked the resourceful ladies of Melangerie in NYC to create a game for the season of merrymaking (something simple, fun, cross generational, and easy to do in a big group). What they’ve come up with is a fortune-teller/Telephone/Pictionary mash-up, a cootie-catcher plus for the holiday inclined.

A nifty PDF includes four kinds of origami fortune-tellers, easy-to-follow instructions for playing the game, and worksheets for your guests. You supply the pencils, spiked punch, and round yon virgins.

Download the game with a click of the mouse. For more clever holiday paper crafts, go to melangerienyc.etsy.com.

Photo: Janelle Jones