It's Play Time

Grab some eggnog and get comfortable while you watch our favorite videos of the year.

how to pose for a picture!How to Pose for a Picture
Longtime NYC photographer Sardi Klein gives us tips on looking better in photos (a must-watch before NYE).
sophie dahl! Cooking with Sophie Dahl
We are charmed by Roald Dahl’s gorgeous granddaughter. Her Parmesan asparagus soup is TDF.
how to get rid of love handles!
Handling Love Handles
A few simple exercises with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson make annoying muffin tops disappear.
karen elson!
The Singing Supermodel
Karen Elson — muse, mother, and songstress — performs “Cruel Summer” just for us. Her voice gives us goose bumps.
ask the office guy!
Ask the Office Guy
We force our sole male editor to answer readers’ relationship questions. Hilarity (and maybe some useful advice?) ensues.
laquan smith!
LaQuan Smith Clothing
The 22-year-old designer makes “moments” on his g-ma’s sewing machine for Serena Williams and Lady Gaga.
reasons to be thankful!
What Makes You Happy?
On a pretty fall day, we ask New Yorkers what they’re thankful for. It’ll put you in a good mood.

Photo: gbaku / Flickr