The Weekend Guide

cat sleeping on books!

Try to kiss the right person this time around.


What: Like Netflix for novels, the site lets you rent ($24-$60 per month) unlimited classics, best sellers, and everything in between with free shipping and no late fees.
Why: Resolution one — read things other than gossip magazines and food labels.
Where: Online at bookswim.com.

Marysia Swim Resort

What: The newest season of malliots, high-waisted briefs, bandeaux, and bikinis ($103-$284) in vintage-inspired cuts and subtle, color-drained patterns.
Why: Resolution two — take a vacation somewhere sunny this winter. Also get in shape.
Where: Online at marysiaswimstore.com.

Grandiose Lab

What: Goat’s milk and honey-based soaps ($6-$35) redolent of grapefruit, green tea, and oatmeal that resemble skulls, brains, guns, and teeth.
Why: Resolution three — stay weird but in a clean sort of way.
Where: Online at etsy.com.

Exhibition A
Quality contemporary art ($75-$610) by names you might actually recognize (René Ricard, Aleksandra Mir, Mark Borthwick) is finally affordable. 
Why: Resolution four — introduce some culture to your home and not the kind that grows on bread.
Where: Online at exhibitiona.com.

Sir Richard’s Condom Company

What: The Toms Shoes of rubbers — for every johnny hat ($6-$14) you buy, the co. donates one to a developing country. They come in different sizes and plaid, but the similarities end there.
Why: Resolution five — be good in bed.
Where: Online at sirrichards.com.

Photo: Gigibiru_kukuning the cats / Flickr