Well to Do


We’d drop and give you twenty, but how about thirteen ways to jump-start your health kick instead?

Cabinet Meeting
De-lard your larder and restock with Navitas Naturals products, like coconut oil and yacon powder. Spork Online vegan cooking classes will help you figure out what to do with all that stuff. Though you could leave it up to Rawvolution; a weekly subscription to The Box delivers raw vegan organic soups, sides, main courses, and desserts to your door.

Sippy Cup
You’re no stranger to the juice. Get to know it even better with a three-day Ritual Cleanse; the Shred option gets you additional pre- and postworkout bevs. Go your own way, if you prefer, with SoloStar-II single-auger juicer, whose extraction mechanism purports to preserve more nutrients from every fruit and veg. Let The Big Book of Juices, by Natalie Savona, be your guide.

Uno Dose
Bust a cap in your ordinary routine. Sunfood beauty enzymes supercharge digestive powers inside, Sanitas B Complex Power Blend gets your skin glowing on the outside, and Pharmanex’s mushroom pomegranate ginseng cocktail AgeLoc Vitality aims for vim and vigor all over. But if every pill might as well be jagged/little, a vitamin-packed spritz of Sprayology’s Daily Multi will do.

Crunch Time
While in the throes of Exhale New York’s Core Fusion: Bootcamp, you may find yourself wishing for Silverescent Luon, the latest magic fabric from Lululemon designed to whisk stink away. Any old sweats will suit you just fine if you’re battling the bulge from the comfort of the couch with No Lipo Lipo, a cellulite massage technique video from the creators of Facercise.

Phew. What a workout.

Photo: Tableatny / Flickr