The Weekend Guide

saddleback leather co. satchel!

It’s time to get your comeuppance.

Saddleback Leather Co. Satchels
Throw one of the thick, well-pocketed, 100 percent grain boot-leather bags over your shoulder or turn it into a backpack.
Why: Do you own any other carryalls that tout a 100-year warrantee and can withstand even the errant croc attack?
Where: Online at saddlebackleather.com.

Yo Vintage Clothing
Since old is the everlasting cool, get with the eclectic collection ($34-$128) sourced from Paris, Switzerland, London, and the Northwest quadrant of our fair country.
Why: Go wild with a safari-themed oversize jacket, get your shine on in sequin party dresses, and make a note of the secretarial patterned blouses.
Where: Online at shopyovintage.com.

All in a Word, by Vivian Cook
Find out what the heck everyone’s talking about from an approachable linguist. One hundred fourteen short chapters cover the history and meaning of what we say, when we say it, and why.
Why: Gauge the size of your vocabulary, test your knowledge of American and British English (rocket vs. arugula), learn how new words get made, and more.
: Online at amazon.com.

The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow
Get the unencumbered rest of one who sleeps sans lines with the (actually) comfortable cushion. It allows you to slumber on your back more easily, thus preventing those pesky creases.
Why: Needle-less to say.
Where: Online at wrinklepreventionpillow.com.

29 Cosmetics Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick
Smooth, hydrating colors that don’t leave your pucker looking like a prune. They’re enriched with grape seed and antioxidants and protect with SPF 20.
Why: Twenty-two cheeky shades such as Call Me a Cab (editor’s favorite), Fruit Forward, and Spicy on the Finish.
Where: Online at 29cosmetics.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Saddleback Leather Co.