Expert Sleep Tips from Heather Turgeon

Say Good Night to Sleepless Nights

sleeping newborn!

Your baby bundle wins the blue ribbon for cuteness, but when it comes to getting a full night’s sleep, she’s at the back of the pack.

We asked local psychotherapist and sleep expert Heather Turgeon for her top five tips.

1. Stick with an early and consistent bedtime.
By 4 months or so, most babies do well with calling it quits around 7 p.m. Keeping them up later makes them overtired and resistant to falling and staying asleep.

2. Go into it with eyes wide open.
Get in the habit of putting her down while she’s drowsy but still awake — even as a newborn. Follow this routine and you might be able to nix excessive bedtime rocking later on.

3. Let them work it out.
Remember that babies are noisy at night (think about how many sounds she makes during the day). Don’t assume that grunting, feet kicking, and other squawks mean she needs you. Learn to tell the difference between a little fuss and an I-need-you cry. If it’s the former, give her a little space and she’ll likely learn to fall back to sleep on her own.

4. Tread lightly.
If she wakes crying, try soothing by the least invasive method first (assuming she doesn’t need to eat). Maybe that means giving her the pacifier, rubbing her back, or rocking a bit. Keep the lights off and use as little stimulation as possible.

5. Timing is everything.
Babies sleep best when you follow their natural biological rhythms. As a guide, a newborn can be awake for about 90 minutes; 4 to 6 months old, about two hours in the morning and two and a half to three hours before bed; 6 to 9 months old, about two and a half hours in the morning and three to four hours before bed; 9 to 12 months old, about two and a half hours in the morning and up to four hours before bed.

Keep these ranges in mind and you’ll both be well rested. Winner.

Heather Turgeon (310-728-0473 or heatherturgeon.com).

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