You Could Live in Morgan Parish Handbags

Former Band of Outsiders Designer's Purses

morgan parish tote!

Your change purse is squirreled away inside a makeup pouch that’s tucked beside a clutch stashed in your hobo that’s slung on top of a messenger bag that holds your computer sleeve and pencil case, which leaves your hands free to carry your lunch.

Have you seen the Ranch from Morgan Parish? Before you shrug it off as just another bag, this one has room for just about everything.

After searching for a streamlined leather tote that was big enough to haul her life around but would still look polished, Boulder, Colorado-based designer Ayeisha Mesinger (whose last gig was at Band of Outsiders) decided to make her own.

To help nail the size, pockets, and durable but soft leather, she enlists friends of all ages and occupations — particularly those with run-around-all-day kind of jobs — as her testers. The result? Perfection in cognac, choco, and black.

If you’re not the type to take your iPad/blow-dryer/encyclopedia/wok on every date, go for the essentials-only Prospect or dyed horsehair-tassel key chain. As if you’d ever travel that light.

Available at
morganparish.com, $30-$600.

Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Parish