Keep Mittens in Check with Clips from Clippo

How to Hold onto Your Mittens

clippo mitten clips!

Your snow bunny made it through January without losing a mitten. Hurray!

Only now is when it really gets tricky. Stores are stocking up for spring (read: rain boots, umbrellas, swim trunks), with nary a replacement glove to be found.

Hold onto the ones you’ve got with mitten clips from Clippo. The Canadian-based company has perfected the fine art of the fastener. Those smarties north of the border have figured out how to tether to toddling tots everything from sippies to bow ties, so it’s no surprise that their mitten clips have just the right bite.

The colorful straps (choose from thirteen patterns) are the perfect length to keep mittens from dragging on the ground when not on little hands. Afraid one mitten will go astray if you release them both from the coat? A center snap guarantees the pair stays together.

Because even though spring is in your sights, you still need mittens in your grasp.

Available online at clippo.ca, $18.

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Photos: Courtesy of Clippo; Courtesy of Green to Grow