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Ra Sushi’s Tuna Salsa with Wonton Chips Recipe

A Tasty Salsa Alternative

ra sushi tuna salsa won ton chips!

Ra Sushi’s Tuna Salsa with Wonton Chips
Serves two to four

3 oz. tuna
1½ oz. cucumber
1½ oz. avocado
1 tbsp. salsa
½ oz. black pepper soy sauce
20 fried wonton chips
Red and green bell peppers, diced

1. Mix tuna with cucumber, avocado, and salsa.

2. Use a 5-oz. ice cream scoop to place tuna salsa in the center of a presentation plate.

3. Drizzle black pepper soy sauce over the tuna salsa.

4. Place five wonton chips on the scoop.

5. Garnish with fifteen chips around the plate.

6. Sprinkle with diced peppers.

Ra Sushi, 5829 Southwest 73rd Street (305-341-0092 or rasushi.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Ra Sushi