Apples & Onions Dinner Party Blueprints

Easy Ideas to Make Your Party Legendary

chinese new year party setting!

You don’t need to break out Grandmum’s silver and light the candlelabra to host a nice dinner — but you may need to put away the ketchup packets.

Apples & Onions Dinner Party Blueprints, the new service from personal chefs Lydia Ellison Howerton and Sarah Lagrotteria, is your road map to party time.

The result of a deep affection for throwing small dinners of their own, years of catering large-scale events, and some serious culinary prowess (we’ve been dreaming of the breakfast panino on their blog), Blueprints are essentially easy-to-follow parties in a box.

You name the theme, budget, number of guests, and give a heads up on any dietary restrictions, and they’ll send back a tidy little file containing decor ideas, a detailed timeline, master grocery list, a custom menu, a signature cocktail or wine recommendations, and recipes, so you can pull the whole thing off.

For a better idea of what you’re in for, check out the Chinese New Year dinner party the Los Angeles-based duo created just for us. Consider it your formal invitation.

Available online at applesandonions.com, $100.

Photo: Beth Liebetrau

easy chinese new year party!Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with more than leftover takeout and stale fortune cookies. Apples & Onions will show you how to throw a Chinese New Year dinner party.