A Valentine Stamp of Approval

A Tot-Friendly Craft from Make and Takes

make and takes heart-shaped stamps!

We have an art-supply box that would turn Da Vinci forest green with envy. Yet all of our projects seem to start with stick figures and end in bubble letters.

Which is why we turn to Make and Takes — a blog written by mother of three Marie LeBaron — for simple, inspired crafting ideas with zero intimidation factor.

Her towel-tube stamps are likely to steal your heart.

Heart-Shaped Paper Towel-Tube Stamp

You will need
paper towel tube
craft paint

make and takes heart tube!1. Crease and fold one edge of the tube end inward to create the center point and top ridges of your heart. Crease and gently fold outward the edge opposite your first crease. This might bend the center fold a bit, so use your scissors to create a flat heart for stamping.

2. Dip your heart-shaped tube into paint and press onto a sheet of paper.

3. Stamp as many hearts on your paper as will fit.

4. Set to dry.

5. Once the paint is dry, cut the paper into a large heart shape. Need help cutting a symmetrical heart? LeBaron has tips.

Find more crafty ideas online at makeandtakes.com.

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Photos: Courtesy of Make and Takes; Courtesy of Sonny Boutique