Rachael Lawrence Gives You Something to Sing About

Tune into a New Voice Coach

debbie harry singing!

You don’t need to bring the house down a la Phantom of the Opera, but it would be nice to make it past the chorus of “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” just once — outside the shower.

Pipe up and call Rachael Lawrence. Sure, she’s coached cast members of Glee and Gray’s Anatomy, but she’s not afraid of the tone-deaf.

In your first lesson, expect exercises to help you find a better connection and balance between the chest and head voices. If you plan on perfecting a rendition of “Born This Way,” Lawrence employs a method that makes belting out tunes as natural as chattering away. So instead of impersonating Lady Gaga, you’ll find your own voice.

Each session is recorded King’s Speech style on a CD for you to use during at-home rehearsals — otherwise known as showtime.

To schedule a lesson, e-mail rachael@rachaellawrence.com. For more information, go to rachaellawrence.com.

Photo: Getty Images