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Raw Bay Area Launches Coaching Sessions

Learn to Indulge Your Raw-Curious Side

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A Letter from Your Stove

Remember me? I’ve gotten less action lately than, well, your bed.

Since you’ve already forgotten how to turn me on, maybe you should check out Raw Bay Area’s new coaching sessions, designed to introduce the raw-curious to the art of eating without heat.

For complete newbies, chef/founder Heather Haxo Phillips has developed a one-hour Fast Track program to cover the basics (complete with easy recipes and a resource guide). She can also give your kitchen a makeover, stocking shelves with raw vegan staples, or you can go all the way with the four-hour Transformation Training, which includes a grocery store tour, cooking demos, and more.

If you’ve got a few friends who are into it, too, Phillips’s group sessions can double as dinner parties.

And even if I feel burned, at least the food won’t be.

Raw Bay Area (510-334-8424 or rawbayarea.com), $95-$650.

Photo: Jeff Hills / Flickr