Radiance Cleanse Green Juice Fast: Drink to Good Health

Alkalise Your Body

radiance cleanse green juice!

That last liquid diet ended with your face in the toilet and a pounding headache. Ditto that weekend you survived entirely on greens in Amsterdam.

Radiance Cleanse’s green juice fast should yield better results.

The new alkalising cleanse restores your body’s pH balance by reducing the acid (found in meat, sugar and dairy) that causes muscle pain and headaches, fatigue, acne and other nasty ailments. (It’s also been proven that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.)

Opt for the three- or five-day plan to receive freshly pressed organic juices (packed with vegetables and wheatgrass) along with fresh cashew nut milk (plant based and dairy free) and supplements to help your body detox.

It’s not easy, but the results are worth it. Benefits include weight loss, glowing skin, improved digestion and sleep, as well as a general improvement of your well-being and happiness.

In other words, it’s a natural high.

Radiance Cleanse (07780 001432 or radiancecleanse.com), £195-£315. Mention DailyCandy to get 20 per cent off until end of March.

Photo: Courtesy of Radiance Cleanse