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letters from lauren!

Slow down, old world.

Letters from Lauren
What fits in your hand but not your in-box and is the original DM? Snail mail, of course. Join a lady who loves physical correspondence on her journey to mail (and document) every letter she sends during 2011.
Know someone who needs one? E-mail her the address and some details about the recipient and she’ll take care of the rest.
Where: Online at lettersfromlauren.com.

Prolong the life of your produce for up to three weeks by nestling one ($10) in among your fruits and veggies. It speeds up ripening but puts the kibosh on spoilage for no more (literal) rotten apples.
Let the folks know when you start using it, and they’ll e-mail you when it’s time to switch it out.
Online at thebluapple.com.

What to Wear, Where
The ladies behind Who What Wear dish on appropriate getups for more than 50 occasions. Get the scoop on successfully outfitting yourself for any event or activity — be it bowling, the opera, a barbecue, or job interview.
Suggestions on how to wear (or avoid) much of what is already in your closet, plus a list of essentials.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

Rachel Nasvik for Target
The NYC-based designer takes her downtown sensibility to the red bull’s-eye, resulting in a gray suede minibag with turquoise accents and straps, jazzed up with gold chain links.
Normally it runs around a cool hundred and a half, but this one is only $80.
Online at target.com.

Blood, Bones & Butter
What: The memoir by chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton puts forth a frank, poetic, and witty account of her atypical life in which food and relationships (with her mother, husband, and sons) are given equal measure.
Why: Work your way through her upbringing in rural Pennsylvania, twenty-hour days at a catering company in NYC, European adventures, earning an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Michigan, and opening her acclaimed NYC restaurant, Prune.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Letters from Lauren