Vogue-Worthy Barbie Apparel at Old Navy Prices

Tiny Frock Shop Recycled Doll Clothing

doll clothing!

Your little doll enthusiast has quickly learned that though Barbie lacks everyday skills — such as bending her arms and standing flat-footed — she rocks a fluorescent green ball gown and side ponytail like nobody’s business.

She’ll have even more fun playing stylist once you’ve browsed Tiny Frock Shop. The online store brims with gently used, on-trend clothes and accessories for twelve- and fouteen-inch dolls (fitting Barbie and Moxie Teenz, respectively). It’s curated by a former head designer for Betsey Johnson and Heatherette, who uses her inspired eye to search for pieces that date as far back as 1920.

A recent spree turned up a ruched tulle skirt, cropped cardigan, faux fur coat, and shimmery black and gold evening bag. Complementary items are paired and displayed on the dolls as if in a fashion spread (we love how the models’ names are credited and Ken is billed as the photographer). A themed section changes regularly to feature outfits tied to current events (recently, the Oscars and the royal wedding).

Because much of the loot costs less than a couple of bucks, you’ll have no problem ordering enough to fill her dream house.

Available online at tinyfrockshop.com, 10¢-$30.

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Photos: Courtesy of Tiny Frock Shop; Courtesy of Blindmice