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Bring Sexy Back with a Hank Moody Cocktail

A New Spin on Sex on the Beach

pineapple mango cocktail!

What says spring break more than Sex on the Beach? (We mean the drink, sillies.)

Instead of using sickly sweet Peach Schnapps, Mamacita’s bar maestro Robin Parsons gave the cocktail real fruity flavor (fresh pineapple, mango) plus a kick of anejo tequila. It’s something we can picture Californication’s poster boy guzzling oceanside. Warning: Bad behavior may ensue.

The Hank Moody
Serves one

2 oz. anejo tequila
¼ mango, muddled
Chunk of pineapple, muddled
¼ oz. agave nectar
¼ oz. cherry liqueur
¼ oz. lime juice

1. Rim a glass with brown sugar.

2. Mix all of the ingredients over ice in a shaker.

3. Serve.

Mamacita, 2317 Chestnut Street, between Scott and Divisadero Streets (415-346-8494 or mamacitasf.com).

Photo: TooFarNorth / Flickr

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