Ahoy, All-Natural Balms, Moisturizers, and Fragrances

Beauty Products That Float Your Boat

captain blankenship balm!

Your relationship with Mother Earth? Ecofriendly with benefits.

One such perk being Captain Blankenship, a new line of all-natural beauty products from San Francisco-based Jana Blankenship.

A busy curator-by-day, she works on projects for the Wattis Institute, Istanbul Biennial, and her collaborative venture The People’s Gallery. Going green without going full granola, her bath salts, moisturizers, and balms are made with locally sourced ingredients (organic Napa Valley olive oil, California beeswax, and biodynamic Sonoma grape alcohol) and spiked with essential oils in modern florals.

Rusalka (translation: “forest sprite”) smells of spruce, ocean pine, palmarosa, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and vetiver. Catch a whiff of gingery vanilla-meets-rose and white flowers Jaune (or “yellow rose”). No Nag Champa in sight.

You may feel like a natural woman, but you don’t have to smell like one.

Available online at captainblankenship.com, $10-$60.

Photo: Courtesy of Captain Blankenship