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Morris Memo Holder

Sometimes you need an animal that looks like it could trot away to spur you into action, re: that thing you need to follow up on.

Available at museumstore.sfmoma.org, $15.

Morris Memo Holder Snap-It-Up Organizer Minima Carafe Mini Touch Pad Pencil Iomoi Pen Set The Butter Business Cards Knot & Bow Assorted Library Card Set Polaroid-Style Photo Frame WTF Stamp Three by Three Desktop Tablet Wire Blooms Caran d’Ache Ballpoint Pens Maplewood Desk Accessories Bunny Bookmark Tabs Pig Pencil Sharpener Clé USB Key Desk Bell Industrial Desk Accessories Classic Bank Desk Pen Madeline Weinrib Collection for Dempsey & Carroll Formosa Wall Calendar ID Blocker Animal Paper Clips Bluelounge Nest Italian Pushpins Russell and Hazel Personalized Embosser
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