Screen Play: July’s Must-See Movies

12 movies we recommend that you see (or else)


Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like an outcast. (People judge chariot racing on Latin Club Saturdays too harshly.) Boisterous principal Fitzgerald’s band of outsiders includes a scrawny trichotillomaniac (look it up), promiscuous lassie, and pajama showstopper Terri. But all that’s ordinary compared to the whiskey-soaked episode that goes down in a backyard shed. Carpe diem when it comes to Azazel Jacobs’s indie.
It’s like: Angus palling around with Cyrus.
Take: Friends of the friendless.
Premieres: Today

Terri Horrible Bosses The Ledge Project Nim Tabloid Lucky Another Earth The Myth of the American Sleepover The Guard Life in a Day Attack the Block The Future
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