Screen Play: September’s Must-See Movies

10 films to check out this month


Trust us. You want to ride shotgun as Ryan Gosling maneuvers L.A.’s mean streets to the sound of a simmering techno score and ticking timepiece. It doesn’t get better than Cannes Best Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s tender, violent tour de force he calls an unorthodox remake of Sixteen Candles. As Driver, a laconic, almost-psychotic stuntman who gets tangled up in a botched heist, Gosling may have just hitched a ride straight to Oscar’s front door.
It’s like: Heat with heart.
Take: The fast lane.
Premieres: September 16
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Drive 50/50 Take Shelter Warrior Contagion Happy, Happy Restless Straw Dogs Moneyball Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
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