Stuff This (Instead of Stockings)

5 holiday stocking alternatives and what to put in them

For the Dandy Handyman

Fill a handsome tool bag, like this one from Brook Farm General Store. It’s crafted with an aluminum frame and reinforced handles for heavy-duty carting.

Available at brookfarmgeneralstore.com, $110.

For the Dandy Handyman Handy Element 1: Elemen'tary Screwdriver Handy Element 2: D.S. & Durga Sir Cologne Handy Element 3: Stanley Flask Handy Element 4: Ramblers Way Long John For the Arbiter of the Horticultural Arts Horticultural Element 1: An Everlasting Meal Horticultural Element 2: Compost Tea Bags Horticultural Element 3: Grow Bottle Hydrogarden Kit Horticultural Element 4: A Flip & Tumble Mini Bag For the Hobbyist Concoctionist Concoctionist Element 1: Golden Jigger Concoctionist Element 2: Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters Concoctionist Element 3: Stainless Steel Straws Concoctionist Element 4: Whiskey Stones For the Hostess with the Mostest Hostess Element 1: Hang Around Kitchen Tools Hostess Element 2: Small Japanese Barbecue Hostess Element 3: Wish Bone Hostess Element 4: Wolffer Estate Aged Rose Vinegar For Clean Machines Who Like Their Soap Box Clean Element 1: Botot Mouthwash Clean Element 2: Sai-Sei Mineral Body Cream Clean Element 3: Skinnyskinny Soap Clean Element 4: McBride Beauty Wheat Germ and Avocado Night Cream
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