Screen Play: April’s Must-See Movies

9 new films to see after reliving “Titanic”

Damsels in Distress

Not a peep in thirteen years; we thought he may be pushing up daisies. (Here’s looking at you, The Last Days of Disco.) True to form, Whit Stillman resurfaces with a dance-crazy campus comedy about a group of delusional dames trying to save their peers from suicidal thoughts and the Greek — scratch that — Roman tragedy that is frat. Meet the babbling blossoms: Rose (the snob), Heather (the ditz), Violet (the leader), and Lily (the voice of reason). Their charm is rooted in sunny sarcasm, so you have no excuse to take a rain check.
It’s like: Clueless gets a clue, and Heathers lives on.
Take: Perennial favorites.
Premieres: Today

Find showtimes online at fandango.com.

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