23 Last-Minute Apps to Gift

App-solutely fabulous presents for procrastinators to give

For Minimalist Gamers

Give table tennis a run for its money when you gift Olo, a sleekly designed strategic game you can play alone or with up to three friends.

Available at itunes.com, $2.

For Minimalist Gamers For the Forgetful For Audiophiles For Shutterbugs For Counts or Countesses For Film Buffs For Machine Heads For Number Crunchers For World Travelers For Storm Chasers For Those Who Measure Up For Big Spenders For Green Thumbs For Jedi Warriors Memory Makers For To-Doers For Sleepyheads For Slicers and Dicers For Head Cases For Curious Cats For Wordsmiths For Art Lovers For Procrastinators
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