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Editors' 2013 New Year's resolutions

To Grow a Little

“I want a houseplant to brighten up my sparsely furnished apartment; I haven’t bought one, because I am too lazy to maintain it,” Web intern Kathryn Shofer says. “This electronic smart pot leaves me with no more excuses — I just press a button, and my plant is watered.”

Available at clickandgrow.com, $60.

To Grow a Little To Clean Up My Act To Ride in the Fast Lane To Go Wild To Master My Mailbox To Walk Bourbon Street To Get Digi with It To Never Forget To Kick Off My Shoes To Be the Host with the Most To Pound the Pavement To Take a Load Off To Spool Around To Parlo l’Italiano To Catch More Zzz’s To Make Over My Mop To Slice and Dice To Bliss Out To Quit Dialing for Dinner To Be an On-Time Bird To Make Myself at Home To Save Face To Lend a Hand To Control the Chaos To Stop Splitting Hairs To Strum a Song
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