Work It Out

An A-to-Z guide to health and fitness

A Is for Activewear

Made of moisture-wicking, four-way stretch material, with a hidden pocket in the muffin top-minimizing waistband, Lululemon’s Wunder Under pants stay put without hindering your flow. They’re so comfortable you won’t want to take them off.

Available at lululemon.com, $82.

A Is for Activewear B Is for Bottoms Up C Is for Crunch D Is for Data E Is for Essential Oils F Is for Focus G Is for Grip H Is for High I Is for Illuminated J Is for Jugs K Is for Kicks L Is for Lean M Is for Measurements N Is for Nosh O Is for Office Space P Is for Powerful Potables Q Is for Quench R Is for Recipes S Is for Streaming T Is for Tunes U Is for Underarms V Is for Virtual W Is for Waves X Is for X-ray Vision Y Is for You Z Is for Zonked
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