26 Gifts to Make Her Pregnancy Peachier

And what to tell her over and over again

You Look like Yourself.

The total body transformation is unsettling enough. Help her stretch her regular wardrobe (and avoid frumpy maternity clothes) as long as possible by giving her simple, black basics from Storq.

Available at storq.co, four items for $195.

You Look like Yourself. Your Registry Is So Tasteful. Nobody Craves Kale. I Want to Borrow That Dress. You’re a Total Baldwin. I Love That Nail Polish. Are Those Your Regular Pants? I Found Some Great Maternity Blogs. You Have Victoria’s Secret Hair. Let’s Go to Tulum. You Seem So Zen. He’ll Totally Be a New Millennium Dad. You Can Borrow My Button-Downs. Leaks Happen. Don’t Send Me a Thank-You Note. No One Wears Heels Anymore. I Will Baby-Sit. Anytime. I Love That Name. Your Boobs Look Amazing. You’re Glowing. I’ll Never Ask How You’re Sleeping. I Don’t See a Single Stretch Mark. Forty Weeks Will Fly By. You Look So Rested. I Can’t Tell You’re Pregnant from Behind. Of Course You’ll Have Sex Again.
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