Inside Story: Linda Rodin’s Beauty Secrets

The envy-inducing stylist and skin care queen gives us an earful

Advanced Style

Linda Rodin has the type of chic-crazy-cool style that’s innate — it can’t be taught. But that didn’t stop us from asking the stylist, seashell collector, and founder of a coveted beauty line to spill on her skin care routine, workout philosophy, and the key to staying young at heart.

Advanced Style Take us through your skin care routine. The cleanser is new — what do you love about it? What products do you keep in your makeup bag? What was the process of developing your perfume? Where did your scent inspiration come from? What about the hand cream? It’s rare to see women in fashion embrace their natural hair color. What was that decision like? You have to have a beauty secret. Do you have some crazy workout regimen? You’ve really never been to a gym? As a stylist, you’ve been to about a million photo shoots. What’s the best behind-the-scenes beauty tip you’ve ever heard? Your Olio Lusso face oil is on everyone’s most-wanted beauty list. How did you develop it? Then what happened? How has your style evolved over the years? How old are you?
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