Summer’s Must-See TV

12 new shows to add to your queue

“In the Flesh”

Why: While you wait for grimy times with Rick Grimes come October, sink your teeth into this three-part British miniseries already greenlit for a second season. Meet Kieren Walker, a teenage zombie out of rehab headed home. Hungry for brains? Won’t find much of that here. It’s more character driven — with a bite.
Channels: The Walking Dead meets Rectify.
Set the DVR: It premiered back in June, but you can find it on demand now.

“In the Flesh” “Under the Dome” “Ray Donovan” “Drunk History” “Moone Boy” “The Bridge” “Orange Is the New Black” “The Writers’ Room” “The Awesomes” “Broadchurch” “The White Queen” “Low Winter Sun”
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