Coast to Coast: Wax Bars

23 spots to strip away the fuzz

Urban Waxx

A wax bar that does about 20,000 Brazilians each year has got a few things (bikini lines) down pat. The full menu runs the gamut from head to toe, keeping all hairlines in check.

Urban Waxx, 1036 Northwest 18th Avenue, Portland, Oregon (503-219-9299 or urbanwaxx.com).

Urban Waxx Sweet Peach Solace Waxing The Wax Bar Karen Golden Skin Care Wax Cleise Brazilian Day Spa Shobha Trim We Only Wax Nectar Skin Bar European Wax Center Completely Bare The Scape Artist Eve J. Sisters Moko Bare by Tru The Naked Peach Frilly Lilly Stark Waxing Studio Honeypot Arcayne
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