December’s Must-See Movies

Nine new films for good boys and girls

“Inside Llewyn Davis”

Tag along with Oscar Isaac as he becomes the ’60s Greenwich Village folk singer semibased on real-life Dave Van Ronk. The Coens’ latest colloquial tale follows Llewyn’s weeklong odyssey broken up by intimate musical interludes, cynical guffaws, and a cameo or several (hello, Garrett Hedlund).
It’s like: O Brother Where Art Thou meets Crazy Heart.
Take: A cat daddy.
Premieres: Today

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“Inside Llewyn Davis” “Saving Mr. Banks” “The Crash Reel” “American Hustle” “Her” “All the Light in the Sky” “Anchorman 2” “The Wolf of Wall Street” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
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