It’s the McConaughssance

And we’re just living in it

The Man, the Mystery, the McConaughey

His name echoes. Like a cacophonous greeting or a stark welcome to the renewal of a renewal of a character genius. His on-screen work of late has been a cinematic tent revival reverberating in our consciousness long after we leave the theater. It’s an echo of a tradition of classic leading men, and it sounds like bongos.

The Man, the Mystery, the McConaughey “Dazed and Confused” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” “A Time to Kill” “Contact” “Amistad” “The Wedding Planner” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” “Sahara” “Failure to Launch” “Fool’s Gold” “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” “The Lincoln Lawyer” “Bernie” “Killer Joe” “The Paperboy” “Magic Mike” “Mud” “Dallas Buyers Club” “The Wolf of Wall Street” “Interstellar” The End
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