The Best Family-Friendly Movies to Screen

Flicks you can watch with the whole gang


Danny Boyle directs a fantastical tale about two brothers who find a pile of money after it literally drops out of the sky.
Why you’ll like it: It comes from the man behind Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire.
Why they will: Fun camera tricks and time-lapse video.
Good for: Boys and girls 8 and up.

Rent or buy it at
amazon.com, $3-$10; download it at itunes.com, $15.

“Millions” “The Short Game” “The Red Balloon” “Duma” “Boy” “Yellow Submarine” “Whale Rider” “Winged Migration” “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” “Hugo” “Magic Camp” “Frogs and Toads” “Duck Soup” “A Little Princess”
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