Screen Play: February’s Must-See Movies

Six off-kilter love stories fit for date night

“Love & Air Sex”

Not getting any? These guys are — kind of. Get acquainted with the very NSFW art of air sex. [We’ll wait.] Now pack a weekender and head to Austin, Texas, for a humiliating SXSW comedy care of writer/director Bryan Poyser. Bicoastal couple Stan (L.A.) and Cathy (NYC) break up, then (unbeknownst to her) head south to start anew. Anything-goes debauchery ensues.
It’s like: Going the Distance on Sixth Street.
Take: Infantile egomaniacs. They’ll love it.
Premiered: February 7

Find showtimes at fandango.com.

“Love & Air Sex” “Love Is in the Air” “The Lego Movie” “In Secret” “Omar” “The Lunchbox”
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