Exercises with Immediate Results: Core

Exercises with Immediate Results: Core

Personal Trainer Will Torres Shows Us His Moves

Wouldn’t it be awesome if full-coverage wet suits were this summer’s go-to beach style?

Maybe not. But it’s that kind of logic that led us to film three exercise videos with Will Torres, the handsome, muscled trainer behind the new private gym Willspace, in the West Village.

We asked Torres for moves that would give us immediate results (as in, how to make biceps look tank top-ready in five minutes or less). He gave us nine: three each for abs (above), legs, and arms.

We’ll tell you right now: They’re pretty tough (our out-of-shape editor had to lie down between takes).

But they’re easier than trying to figure out how to wear Spanx under a bathing suit.

Willspace (201-780-0351 or willspace.com). Want to keep exercising in front of your computer? Check out the videos we did with Tracy Anderson.

Music: “Test Drive,” by Zapac