How to Wear a Head Scarf

How to Wear a Head Scarf

The Ban.do Ladies Break It Down

Forget blue blood, obscure nobility titles, and monikers like Muffy. The mark of a real lady is knowing how to wear a silk head scarf.

So for today’s video, the cuties at Ban.do in Los Angeles show our deputy editor, Crystal Meers, the best ways to do it: the Jackie O., urban turban, and topknot bow.

All are easy and quick (about 30 seconds each) and great for when you’re not in the mood to wash your hair.

Even after a particularly grueling tennis match against hubby No. 4.

The heart-adorned scarf we use is available online at shopbando.com, $95. Still not sure what do with your hair? Check out our videos on how to do a messy side bun, an around-the-head braid, or just-off-the-beach waves.