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Should I Date a Guy with a Rattail?

Should I Date a Guy with a Rattail?

Ask the Office Guy No. 46

Looks aren’t everything. Tell that to the girl who just went on a first date with a great guy who has a rattail straight off the NKOTB Summer Magic Tour 1990.

This sounds like a dilemma for our token male editor and advice giver, Dan. In today’s Ask the Office Guy video, he decides whether she should cut it off (literally and figuratively) or learn to love the long, hairy tuft.

While Dan was at it, we got him to answer more whipsawed reader-submitted questions: What should I do if a guy I went out with tweeted “can’t wait to tap this broad” while we were on the date? How do I get my BF to stop talking incessantly while he drives? And, finally, would you, Dan, like to be five times larger to please her (a vague one submitted anonymously)?

As always, his answers are poignant and ridiculous. What can we say?

He’s got the right stuff.

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Photo: woodsm / Flickr