Kids Talk About the Holidays

We Talk to Kids About the Holidays

What They Like to Eat, What They're Thankful for, and What They Want for Christmas

By the Wednesday after Thanksgiving — already 30-plus hours into the workweek — it’s hard to retain that holiday spirit.

Get it back by watching today’s video, in which we asked a bunch of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen what they like to eat during the holidays, what they want for Christmas, and what they’re thankful for.

We captured the footage during an event with Nourishing NYC, a nonprofit that provides healthy meals and nutrition education to low-income residents. On this particular day, children (ages 5 to 13) were learning to make a good-for-you Thanksgiving feast.

The kids’ answers to our questions were equal parts touching and hilarious, especially when they told us how their parents would react if they made the turkey all by themselves (“My mom would faint”).

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

To donate, volunteer, or get more information on Nourishing NYC, go to nourishingnyc.org. For more cute kids, watch our video in which we asked munchkins about love.