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Mary Lou’s Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Mary Lou’s Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Editor Lauren Lumsden Shares an Old Family Treat

Kate Moss says nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but we beg to differ. The time-honored recipes our families pull out during the holidays are more than worth a little jiggle.

For today’s videos, we share a few of our favorites. Editor Lauren Lumsden’s mom, Mary Lou, makes the tastiest blueberry cobbler at her celebration in Roanoke, Virginia. Senior editor Karen Palmer’s dad, George, is known for the anchovy and olive spaghetti he produces at his Chester, New Jersey, Feast of the Seven Fishes. And Everywhere editor Tiffany Davis’s mom, Ninette, serves an unreal broccoli and cheese casserole at her group’s get-together down in Atlanta.

Each dish is extremely easy, delicious, and — we’ll just say it — delightfully unhealthy. Did we mention Ninette’s casserole is basically cheese with a little bit of broccoli?

God help the models who watch.

Get the full cobbler recipe. For more family holiday meal goodness, watch the video New York editor Jordan Blumberg made last year featuring her mom’s champagne fruit salad.