Magician Jeff Grow Performs in Our Office

Magician Jeff Grow Performs in Our Office

He Shows Us a Few of His Finest Parlor Tricks

This past Friday the workday disappeared before our eyes. One second it was 4 p.m.; the next, closing time.

The man behind the miracle: magician Jeff Grow, whose awe-inspiring office performance made the weekend arrive early. Hoping for time to fly on repeat, we captured it on video.

Limes inexplicably transported between cups, roses appeared out of nowhere, and insane card tricks kept us captivated. Even when we watched the footage in slo-mo, we were puzzled.

Grow, who looks like the lovechild of Michael Bublé and John Mayer, first learned magic from his grandfather in Upstate New York. Since then, he’s performed for audiences of four to 1,000. He even showcased his insane juggling skills in a Progressive commercial.

And that’s no hocus pocus.

For more information, go to jeffgrow.net. For more videos filmed on our office couch, check out music videos with Lily & the Parlour Tricks and Eliza Doolittle.