Inside Story: Dr. Sherry Shieh's Beauty Cabinet

Inside Story: Dr. Sherry Shieh's Beauty Cabinet

The dermatologist shows us what she uses

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a dermatologist as a best friend? Think of the free samples and late-night phone calls every time you get a blemish.

Instead of sneaking into a med school graduation, consider watching today’s Inside Story video. We swing by Dr. Sherry Shieh’s Manhattan apartment and invade her beauty cabinet.

From face wash to body moisturizer, she shows us what she uses to keep her skin flawless (and it is flawless). The best part: Almost everything she recommends is available at the drugstore.

Four of our editors have been seeing Shieh for years (and adore her).

Fortunately for her, that’s the extent of the relationship.

For more information on Dr. Shieh, go to sherryshiehmd.com. For more tips, check out our videos on how to conceal under-eye circles, make a messy side bun, and find your correct bra size.