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In the Kitchen: Guacamole

In the Kitchen: Guacamole

Empellon chef Alex Stupak’s easy recipe

Forget sexting. We’re big on Mexting (i.e., sending your friends random shots of Mexican food).

For a picture worth a thousand characters, whip up the best guacamole this side of the border with help from Alex Stupak, mastermind chef behind Empellón Taqueria and Empellón Cocina.

In addition to divulging his easy recipe (hint: It calls for pistachios), Stupak dishes on what to look for when you cut into an avocado and how much to mash.

Pair the green goodness with chips, sliced veggies, or a spoon — and call it a Labor Day party.

Just Instagram us the invite.

Try it straight from the master at Empellón Cocina, 105 First Avenue, between East 6th and 7th Streets (212-780-0999 or empellon.com). For more foodie fun, learn to make Thiago Silva’s frozen peanut butter pops, Daniel Boulud’s stove-top burger, and Daniel Holzman’s squash salad.