Inside Story: Michele Varian’s Vintage-Inspired Loft

Inside Story: Michele Varian’s Vintage-Inspired Loft

The designer/shopkeeper shows us around her Soho digs

Two truths and a lie about New York designer/boutique owner Michele Varian:
1. She’s one-third of triplets.
2. She was born on Christmas Day.
3. She’s married to Crash Test Dummies lead singer Brad Roberts.

Okay, they’re all true. Sue us. Then watch today’s Inside Story video, in which we tour Varian’s Soho loft.

The vintage-inspired space is filled with knickknacks from her worldly travels, instruments used by her husband to compose, and — the good news — items you can buy from her store.

Every nook is filled with something eye-catching, to the point it almost feels like you’re on a movie set (say, Hugo mixed with The Royal Tenenbaums).

But we all know fact is better than fiction.

To shop Varian’s store, go to michelevarian.com. For more Inside Stories, check out designer Heidi Merrick’s Silver Lake bungalow, actress Mindy Kaling’s closet, and designer Rebecca Minkoff’s light-filled loft.