Inside Story: Gabriela Perezutti's Home

Inside Story: Gabriela Perezutti's Home

The Candela designer gives us a glimpse into her world

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Unless it’s someone else’s massive Manhattan townhouse, replete with a huge Christmas tree and 4-year-old twins singing “Jingle Bells.” (Yeah, we’ll take that.)

It belongs to Candela designer Gabriela Perezutti. In today’s Inside Story, she gives us a tour of the space she shares with husband Austin Hearst and daughters Olivia and Mia.

The house is currently decorated for the season, but evidence of Perezutti’s upbringing on a cattle ranch in Uruguay remains. We especially love the black and white photos of her mom on horseback.

They make us happy in a million ways.

For more information on Candela, go to candelanyc.com.