Easy Does It: Toned Arms in Ten Minutes (a Day)

Easy Does It: Toned Arms in Ten Minutes (a Day)

Simple movements from Andie Hecker at Ballet Bodies

You know in Center Stage when Jody likes Cooper, but Cooper’s all, “Ew, girl, get away,” and Charlie’s like, “Hey, I’m here, and I’m hot, too”?

We wouldn’t mind being part of a love triangle like that. The first step: looking the part. We asked Andie Hecker, former professional dancer with NYC Ballet and founder of Ballet Bodies in L.A., to demo the moves.

In today’s three videos, she shows (rhythmically challenged) editor Lauren Lumsden how to get svelte arms (above), tone her butt and thighs with high kicks, and do a full-body cardio workout — your calves will hurt for days.

And you’ll surely be riding a motorcycle on stage in no time.

For more information on Ballet Bodies, go to balletbodies.com. Want to keep working out? Here are dozens of ways to show the lingering holiday blub who’s boss.