Pretty Smart: Mastering the Deep Side Part

Pretty Smart: Mastering the Deep Side Part

A Woodley & Bunny stylist’s easy instructions

We know a girl whose best friend’s cousin’s dog’s previous owner’s sister is a backup dancer for Beyoncé. So, basically, it’s like we know Beyoncé.

A better way to feel the connection? Try the queen’s favorite hairstyle: a glammed-up deep side part with curls (which she wore at the inauguration and halftime show press conference).

Stylist Jennipher Van Bogart at Woodley & Bunny showed our editor how to do it in just a few easy steps; all you need is root lift product, a curling iron, clips, and hair spray.

It’s your destiny, child.

For more information or to buy any of the products used in the video, go to woodleyandbunny.com.

Photo: Stephania Stanley / DailyCandy